Who we are

Strive Anaesthesia is a group of specialist anaesthetists providing anaesthetic services to the Perth community. Our doctors are committed to delivering high quality patient care – starting with preoperative assessment and optimisation, through to intraoperative and postoperative management.

As anaesthetists we have undergone over five years of vocational training and examinations in the medical field of anaesthesia in order to reach the high standard required to practice safely. This is in addition to over five years obtaining a medical degree and at least two years of hospital residency. The rigorous training program and a commitment to continuing medical education is the primary reason Australia is one of the safest places to undergo anaesthesia in the world. At Strive Anaesthesia – safety is our priority.

Our doctors are also involved in the development of anaesthesia and pain management beyond the operating theatre. Many are involved in medical education – at an undergraduate level as well as specialist training level. We have a commitment to and partnership with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Australian Society of Anaesthetists. We have representation on anaesthesia-related committees in Western Australia, as well as doctors that hold long term positions at Perth tertiary teaching hospitals.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision: To be a premier provider of anaesthetic services in metropolitan Perth.

Our mission statement:

  • To go above and beyond expectations – for patients and their families, surgeons, co-workers, hospitals and colleagues
  • Ensure the highest standards of our profession are achieved and maintained
  • Support the wider anaesthesia community and mentor emerging anaesthetists
  • Attain high standards of governance in our practice
  • Remain responsive to the dynamic needs of our industry

Joining Us

Objectives and Structure:

Strive Anaesthesia is always on the lookout for high calibre anaesthetists who share our vision. The company and the services provided are managed and controlled by a Board of Directors. All administrative roles and governance processes are managed by the Board, so that members can focus on doing what they do best – giving quality anaesthesia care.

Advantages of joining us:

  • The use of contemporary anaesthetic management software. Meditrust is an Australian owned anaesthetic software and services company that is central to our business. https://meditrust.com.au/mtv4/home
  • Calendar management for regular surgical arrangements and ad hoc requests
  • Obtaining patient health questionnaires and informed financial consent from patients preoperatively
  • Online access to calendars, theatre lists, patient health questionnaires and all aspects of billing, including report generation and an automatic reconciliation process
  • Attendance to overdue accounts
  • Assistance in covering your personal leave – our aim is to give you confidence and peace of mind that your list will be appropriately covered during your absence
  • Professional governance (through a Board of Directors) and management (through a Practice Manager)

Our fee structure:

Members are charged a flat percentage of their billings plus software subscriptions. The fee percentage is reviewed and set annually.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Strive Anaesthesia please contact Dr Ralph Longhorn on (08) 6158 9997.

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